Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Womanifesto

I am a warrior woman
I wear my battle scars on my body
With pride

My battle scars are the stretch marks
from creating life
My war paint is the bags under my eyes from comforting my child by the light of the moon
My battle cry is the howling of a she wolf
Who calls her children back to her through the tangle of the trees

My spirit is left wanting
By the 'girl' culture of our current society
My soul is left hungry
For a WOMAN culture where we can be ourselves

A place where I can raise my daughter without fear
Fear for what she is going to inherit from us
Or the lack there of


It took me 32 years to feel comfortable to write this
To think this
To LIVE this

32 years of trying to be the woman other people expected me to be
32 years of shoving my soul into a corner,
Telling it to be quiet
Then I became a mother
And I came into my true power
I heard my soul calling me for the first time

Now is the time to let my soul free
to listen to my guts
My womanly instincts

I want to live the true life I was meant to live
As a warrior woman
For my daughter
For myself
For all women

The Militant Baker

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