Friday, August 24, 2012

Life is Full of Beautiful Mysteries

Image an underground cavern, or "grotto", filled with 4.6 MILLION shells decorating over 70sft of walls....what a wonder. I recently discovered this mystery and I am now obsessed with thoughts of going there. The Shell Grotto was discovered, by accident, in 1835 and to this day no one truly knows what it's purpose was. Was it a pagan temple? A secret cult? Seriously NO ONE knows! Isn't that fascinating? You can wander the winding passageways covered in abstract geometric patterns and let your imagination soar with limitless possibilities. I would love to take Claire there one day.

The first thing I thought of when I first saw these images was the intrique patterned mosaics one finds inside of a Mosque.

What do you think is behind this great and beautiful mystery?


  1. I saw this on FB this morning and was immediately intrigued. I love ancient mysteries like cool would it be if we knew the story behind it!

  2. That is so beautiful!!! I want to go too!