Friday, February 17, 2012

Would You Feed Your Baby A Bowl of Sugar? I Didn't Think So....

WhiteOut: Let every child’s first grain be a whole grainOne of the most common first foods a baby eats is white rice cereal. Parents feed this to their babes thinking it is simple, gentle, pure and easily digested when in fact it is anything but. White rice cereal is broken down to very simple carbohydrates, which to a tiny baby is the equivalent of eating a bowl full of sugar! There is no nutritional content to it whatsoever, given that it is white rice that has been processed and stripped. Why do you think it has been "fortified"?

A babies first food should be REAL FOOD! WHOLE FOOD! Food that doesn't need vitamins and minerals added to it because it naturally has them. Claire's first baby food was yams, a very nutrient rich food. Followed by whole grain organic oatmeal cereal. Watch this informative video, and please feel free to discuss this in the comment section below!

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  1. YES YES YES!!!

    I read his book Feeding Baby Greene. It was informative and really gives a nice history of how when and why baby food became so processed etc.

    It also made me really confident in mixing foods together when feeding Reef and to not be afraid of using some spices :)

  2. We give cedar brown rice cereal which is slightly better but not great still. Not my preference but he gags on anything and everything not mixed with cereal and even sometimes then. It's definitely deceptive how much sugar is in baby products(especially formula which we discovered when cedar was born with low blood sugar and that was the remedy- a few extra top ups of formula!)