Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What We Wore Wednesday...

Well it's Wednesday and for once I actually got my S*** together and did a wardrobe post! I'm in comfies, as usual....and Claire? Well she looks all cute, because all my energy goes into her now lol!

Me in the morning with un-styled fluffy hair, no makeup

My favorite t-shirt, made from bamboo

My brand new Tom's, I am so excited to finally have a pair!

Aint they cuuuuuute!?

Claire is wearing a new headband that her Nanna made for her

And that is what we are wearing on this fine Wednesday morning. We are about to go and get Claire's next set of shots, I dread that visit each and every time. What do you do to comfort your little one during vaccinations? I breastfeed her while she is getting her shot, that seems to help a wee bit. It's so heartbreaking when she cries :(

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