Monday, January 9, 2012

Mommy Tips From the Trenches: Get Some Mommy Friends

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you, aside from sticking with breastfeeding because it is so worth it, would be to ditch the parenting books. You hear me, ditch em. OK maybe not all of them, but do you really need every book on babies and parenting ever written? One good solid reference book is enough, because lets face it there are some important things you should be able to look up when in need: fevers, allergic reactions, illness etc. But in general everything I learned about parenting has been from OTHER MOMS! Mom's who have either been there, or are in the exact same boat I am in. We trade notes, swap stories, and share tips. The plethora of baby books I had just started to confuse me as they all said different things about breastfeeding, introducing solids, sleep, and play time.

I joined a mommy group. We meet every Thursday and it is lead by an AMAZING knowledgeable lactation consultant and mother advocate. Each week we discuss important issues relating to parenting/babies in a round table way, with each mother sharing her stories and battle scars. I have learned more from that group and those moms than ANY BOOK! So take it from me, save yourself the $20 and don't buy that latest and greatest trendy baby book, get some mommy friends instead!

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  1. Heyyyyy how did you find this group? I'm desperately searching but it's proving more difficult than I anticipated

  2. most mommy groups I've attended are full of formula feeders, CIO advocates, sleep trainers, making baby independent... I've had dismal luck with mom groups :( you are lucky!

  3. Oh my! That is unfortunate. Yes this group is special, and leans toward the attachment parenting phililosophy but there is a mix of moms in it. Some exclusive breastfeed, some suplement, some co-sleep, some crib train. There are all sorts of moms out there and it is good to hear from all of them. We all have advice to share and we all need support. I found this group via a handout Inwas given in te hospital actually

  4. It's so true. Mother friends are priceless when you're in the trenches. :)