Monday, November 21, 2011

Photo Post: Guess Who is 6 Months Old???

Can you believe it? The Bug is now 6 months old?!?? INSANE! You always hear from other parents how "fast they grow" but you never truly understand that statement until you are a parent yourself! I find myself asking her to SLOW DOWN! Stop growing so fast you cute bundle of babyness! But then at times I also cant wait for her to crawl, her first steps, her first pony ride....oh so many firsts to look forward to! Here are some pictures of my Claire Bear all dressed up in her punk rawk dress!


  1. she is such a cute lil 6 month old baby! I can't believe i've only seen her once and she was so small! Keep up the good work momma k!

  2. we cant wait for your next visit!