Monday, October 3, 2011

A Change of Pace is Needed.....

I don't ever want to be anything but 100% honest on here, for you my readers but also for myself. I write this blog for posterity sake, I don't journal, I blog. I don't want to look back on a bunch of fluffy posts, about bullshit things. I want to look back on what this first year of motherhood truly was like. And kittens, its hard. I am not going to lie. I love it, Claire is happy and thriving, but it is HARD. I simply can't keep up. There are other mommy bloggers out there who can juggle the demands of a baby and still blog, even do fashion posts of their cute outfits. I try to keep up, but to be honest it just makes me sad. Things have been rough for me lately, mood wise. I am not comfortable going into much more detail then that, but lets just say I have been advised by my Doctor, friends and family to take a step back. Only do what needs to be done, and do little things with great joy. BABY STEPS. So once again, I am taking a break from regular posting on this blog. The last one I did in August should have been a warning sign to me, a sign that maybe I am not cut out for this mommy blogger thing. BUT I love it, and I have worked SO HARD to get this blog to where it is now...Id hate to give up and walk away. So I won't. But I am going to distance myself for a while, post a bit less often and only when it makes me truly happy to do so. Life is simply to short to spend so much time in front of my laptop screen, worrying about things like stats and comments. That isn't why I started blogging. Some of you may move on, some of you may stay...I hope many of you do stay. I value each and every little connection I have made through this here site. Please, just be patient with me as I adjust to this new life of mine. As I said I will be around, just not quite as often.


  1. You know, you are so right. Peanut arrived 2 months ago, and I have been feeling guilty about not keeping up with my blog. I don't feel like I can do it all: mom, wife, friend, housekeeper,'s so overwhelming. But you hit the nail on the head when you said there are more important things...and we definitely need to enjoy them and be thankful for them. Sometimes it's too easy to forget that.

    Wishing you and baby Claire lots of happiness, strength and peace. I will be looking forward to reading along with your journey. :)

  2. Kami,
    The world does not revolve around blogging. I started after I became a mommy so I don't know how it feels to go from that to mommy blogger. But I do know that once I started caring about getting more readers, not having a lot of comments, etc, that I was not enjoying it as much. You are doing the perfect thing. Just because some blogs have a post on them every day doesn't mean they are meaningful. I of course will still follow you. I post very little in the grand scheme of things and it's amazing how much people will stand behind you even if you aren't filling your blog with "fluff" posts every other day.
    Peace and love.

  3. Good luck Kami! You are great and you have a great blog!

  4. Enjoy your darling :) and that wonderful herb garden!

  5. good for you hun! i'm happy to hear that you're slowing down and doing things that make you happy. You need to do what you need to do and it's important that you take time for yourself. sending you love and hugs!