Friday, September 16, 2011

The Virgin Mary is My Home Girl

Ya, that's right. Mary and I we are tight. We go way back. I am not Catholic or Christian, I am just a believer and I love the Virgin Mary. I have since I was a small child, and for no specific reason that I can remember. I had a black light velvet painting of Mary with the Sacred Heart in my room when I was a kid. I BEGGED my mom to buy it for me, she hated it, but I LOVED it. I talked to it. To her. To Mary. I told her my worries, my thoughts my concerns, I told her all the things that I couldn't tell my own mother who didn't care to listen. Mary had my back. She was and still is, my home girl. Despite not being raised in a religious household I love church. I love CATHEDRALS. I love anything and everything that has the Virgin Mary on it. And yes folks, you guessed it, I have yet another wee collection to share with Mary's!

I light this candle every Halloween and stick it in my window, to guide the visiting spirits back home

This bad boy, or should I say lady, glows in the dark. Oh yah!

A paiting I did "Crafty Mary"


  1. I love the Virgin Mary too. My favourite picture of her is the Immaculate Heart you have on your candle. xx