Friday, September 23, 2011

Once Upon a Camera

Did you know I used to model? It was a fun moment in my life, I got paid to play dress up, I can't was fun! But I wasn't your typical model by any means! I am covered in tattoos first off, and I also tended to do more "pin up" inspired photography, with some edgy fashion thrown in at times. I never landed any HUGE paying gigs, but it was a fun way to make money while I was in University. Plus I have pretty pictures to look back on and one day show my Claire Bear. I hope I can show her that you don't have to be a Barbie Doll to be pretty! You can have curves and tattoos, and ATTITUDE! And of course, lots of fun

And then there was this one ad...maybe I won't show Claire this one LOL!


  1. LOL I would def keep that last one to yourself until she is 50 and about to have kids ;) LOL

  2. @Lex. O I hope she has kids before she is 50 lol.

    These are awesome Kamika! You are hot, hot, hot and sassy. Your ink adds flavour and 'tude. Lucky you having such a fun way to make money whilst studying. I worked in retail :-(


  3. I certainly hope she doesnt have kids at 50 either LOL!!!!!!

    Thanks ladies, it was indeed a fun way to earn some extra cash.