Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tutorial: Chicken Wire Display Frame

Hey! It's me Dallas from Sew Indy!! I would like to thank Kami for allowing me this awesome opportunity to guest post on her blog today. I'm going to show you how to turn an otherwise drab and boring picture frame into a display for your crafts, pictures, hair accessories, or jewelry the possibilities are endless.

For this project you will need:
-Picture Frames-Paint-Paint Brushes-Sand Paper {if necessary, I didn't need any it just depends on the material your frames are made of, mine were wood}-Chicken Wire-Wire Cutters-Heavy Duty Staple Gun

First things first slap a coat of paint on to your picture frames, or two if needed. Make sure you get the sides and back to if you plan on hanging it on your wall you don't want any unpainted spots showing :)

While your paint is drying you can cut your chicken wire. Your measurements don't need to be precise as you can trim the chicken wire once it has been stapled to the frame.
*Please note chicken wire is harder to cut than it seems lol {It's actually not I just wanted a funny pic}tee hee

Once your paint is nice and dry you can flip your picture frame over and start stapling! This was the fun part my in-laws had an electric staple gun ooooh yeah! power tools baby! I find it works best if you staple one side and then pull the wire taught and staple the other side.

Viola you now have a beautiful, up-cycled display frame!! You can also paint your frame one color and your chicken wire another {which I might do this white business is a little plain for this girl} HA! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I know I did! Stop by Sew Indy and say hi!

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  2. i am so going to do this! thanks for sharing the info with us!