Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Photo Tour of Claire's Nursery

This weeks edition of Sunday Styles: Things I Love is all about my baby Claire's nursery! Her room is cooler then mine, I just adore it! Her Daddy and I put it together in a mad panic rush of 48 hours prior to my un-planned c-section....and I think we did a pretty darn good job! What do you think?

Welcome to Claire's room! This here is the door to her nursery, Daddy brought this old fashioned tin print back from a business trip to New York City. The paper stars were bought from a fair trade co-operative and hand made by women in India.

The hat on the teddy bear and tutu on the pig were the first two things Daddy ever bought Claire, 
on her second day of life with us

Even little girls need a train set in their room!

A beautiful wooden stacking set from her cousin who lives in New York

Her crib! For now she sleeps inside a moses basket, for safety. But when she is big enough she will sleep in this cozy crib. Those are her buddies: a Bam Bambi I made her, an elephant, monkey, and teddy Bear from dear friends and the braided leaf piece from the oh so lovely Ms Katelyn of Peace, Love, and Leener.

A pillow I made for Claire inspired by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess

The pattern of her drapes and crib set, organic cotton, and natural dye's!

Storage Bins full of fun stuff and toys!

 Her funky Clock from Gramma that helps me time my feeds

A giant boquet of fake flowers that Daddy bought her so that she and I 
would always have flowers to look at

The chair I use for our late night nursing sessions, cozy, dim, and quiet with a warm blankie

And over looking this chair are "my laides" these belonged to my Grandma before she passed away and I like to think she looks down on us from them. 

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  1. Very cute! Yay for organic, fair trade and natural dye! <3

  2. i LOVE this!!! so pretty but not in your face girly! love it!!