Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday

50 pounds. That is how much weight I put on with this pregnancy. 50 whopping pounds. Yeeeeesh! Nothing fits, I feel like a 20 tonne turkey stuffed into a smelly, dirty sock. UGH. Since Saturday was my birthday the hubz took me shopping for pants. Pants that fit my ginormous hips to be exact. We went to Lululemon thinking yoga pants were an obvious fix. Well, they are when they aren't designed for skinny stick girls and $80-90 a pair. The teeny bopper trying to sell me on a pair that were clearly not flattering and giving me major camel toe obviously could not relate to my post baby fat issues, let alone the pain of recovering from a c-section (my scar still hurts with certain cuts of pants). So in tears, and with a crying Claire (I swear she soaks up my moods like a sponge) we leave to look for other alternatives. Enter cheapo knock off Lululemon store. Where everything fit! And was cheap! And the store was dead so I could stand in front of the mirror without cringing. YIPPY! I got 4 pairs of pants and a hoody for the cost of two Lululemon pants. YES! So today's Thankful Thursday post is a very simple one:


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  1. nothing beats pants that fit :) especially when you've just had a baby - can make or break a day <3

  2. Dude, I totally gained 50 pounds too...luckily half of that was water weight but I'm still bummed about the other half. I've saved up $500 for a new wardrobe but I don't want to buy anything till I'm at least back to my pre pregnancy weight :P