Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankfull Thursday

It is time once again to count our blessings, I honestly feel my life is better by making this a weekly practice!

  • reconnecting with an old friend, I treasure my friendships new and old!
  • the way my cat rolls over on to his belly to say hello when I come home from work
  • that my husband has canceled one of his business trips during the month of April so that he can be home to help me prepare for the birth...LOVE THAT MAN!
  • for pinching my pennies so that we could take a fun "babymoon" vacation in Seattle and shop, eat, laugh, and play (picture update post coming soon!)

  • my fantabulous new stroller I bought in Seattle, it is so FREAKING CUTE! It is set up in our living room and we keep taking turns zooming around the house with it...sometimes with one of the cats in it. They don't find this anywhere near as entertaining as we do
  • last but not least I am SO SO SO thankful, happy, and proud of my new blog look/layout and all the help I got from Maryam of Pamplemousse1983
Hello to everyone stopping by from MaxaBella's, I love your sweet comments and kind words....the BEST link up party ever!

PS: While your here grab one of my new blog buttons! xoxo


    1. Great list!!! I am thankful for...

      My wife, of course and always! ♥

      Our pets, our furry little family! ♥

      That we have some promising job leads. ☺

      Beef stew and biscuits for breakfast! ☺

      The make-over I gave my blog! ☺

    2. your make over is spectacular! i did get myself a blog button too!

      sooooo happy to hear Ryan is staying close to home for April!


    3. I am thankful for pigs and dogs.
      I am thankful for pigdawgs.
      I am thankful for bacon... which is pigs I guess.
      I am thankful for Amy/Amos and Macey, yupe they are my dogs.
      xo Jenners

    4. and this "pigdawg" is thankful for her jenners :)

    5. you're such a cute lil preggo lady!!
      and this is a good thankful list.
      I think I need to take notes and make my own. Life has been a bit stressful these past few days. *sigh*

    6. Amber you should! It is such a great way to remember to breathe and be happy...even just for the little things in life! You just inspired me actually! I think i may turn this post into a weekly link up event!

    7. Super cute post - I love that you were zooming the cats around in the baby stroller! HAHA!

    8. Long live babymoons!!! You look great!

      And thanks for your kind words, Kamika. x

    9. Babymoons are the bees knees! Or so I hear...(she types regretfully, having missed the boat THREE times).