Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankfull Thursday

 Because gratitude is the best attitude...

This week I am thankful for one thing and one thing only: my husband, Ryan. He is leaving tomorrow for a 10 day business trip to Vegas, and I am going to miss him something fierce! I always miss him when he is gone, but it is especially hard now that I am pregnant. Every tiny little kick and change in my body that he misses makes me sad. Words can't adequately express how much this man does for me, but I will try...I am grateful for

  • his ginormous bear hugs that engulf me in love
  • that no matter how dead tired he is he will still take immense pleasure in cooking me a healthy, yummy, love filled meal
  • being woken up each morning he is home with a cup of fresh coffee and a HUGE smile
  • his dimples, all 5 of them. Yup 5
  • his laugh, it is infectious and comes from deep in his gut. A true laugh
  • his kind heart, he gives it to everyone he meets, every day. He always has a smile and/or kind word for every single person he meets. No matter how mean or rude they are. He just smothers negativity with his happiness and joy
  •  the support and encouragement he gives me in pursuing my crafts, he is like my own private cheerleader
  • how he will go out of his way to make me laugh. Like the time he pulled out all my old clubber girl sexy clothes and put them all on, one ridiculous layer after another, and danced around the bedroom to make me laugh
  • how he tells me not to worry if I am too tired to clean or craft "Don't worry sweetheart. I can do it, I'm not growing a fetus." And then he will bring me ice cream. LOVE 
Bon voyage my love! The bug and I will miss you and are already counting down 
the days until you are back home with us xoxoxoxox


  1. such great support system you have a wonderful thankful thursday.

  2. Yay! I know how you feel. :) My husband is the most positive person I know too! I can't stand negativity in my daily life and he is so good at making everything happy and avoiding anger.

  3. @Jess and doesn't it just make you so much more positive yourself? It's great!

  4. Hello, I stopped by from LDC Designs. I love adorable, heartwarming lists like these... :)

  5. Loving tribute which I hope you show to him. He looks and sounds fabulous, you lucky woman,
    Good Luck with the pregnancy
    My reasons for tnankfulness are on my blog at

  6. Hope the week speeds by for you and you are both reunited very soon.

  7. Big smiles. Your devotion is very uplifting. The reunion will be something else!!! x