Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 Because gratitude is the best attitude...

I've mentioned this before but seriously, I am the luckiest prego alive. My father in-law Randy has the biggest freaking heart! He left for a business trip the other day, and with Ryan and Patti being gone as well that leaves me all alone. The Poppa Bear in him didn't like leaving a 6 month pregnant woman alone so he FILLED my fridge with food. It's not that I am a complete diva who won't cook for herself, I can and do! But with this awesome loving family I rarely have to, and I feel so blessed. Lets face it at 6 months pregnant, and working full time on top of also working/blogging from home...well you don't have a lot of energy to spare. Below is a picture of the GIANT casserole dish FULL of Eggplant Parmigiana that he made me, plus Butter Chicken, homemade pizza and a whole bunch of leftovers. I am so thankful for a dad like Randy

If you look closely you can see it...SPRING! There are tiny little signs of spring all around my house, like these flowers bravely peaking through a pile of decaying leaves. The birds have returned and are chirping away. The days are getting longer, and brighter. As the earth gives birth to everything that is new and fresh, my body is also getting ready to give birth. How symbolic! I am thankful for SPRING!

I love when I pasue, breathe deep, and see the beauty in simple things. Like pecan pie and ice cream served in a vintage tea cup set. Jut because I was eating this nummy treat alone, there was no reason to not make it pretty and enjoy every moment of it! Who says tea cups are strictly for tea? I am thankful for simplicity.

A fellow blog/crafter friend, recently talked me through some problems I was having making prints of my stuffy characters. After following her tips, I think I have finally got it nailed down! Below is one of the prints I did last night that I plan on turning into a bib. I am thankful for friends

Despite the back pain, the heartburn, the fatigue, and sometimes irritable moods, I feel more beautiful and womanly at nearly 29 weeks pregnant then at any other time in my life. I am grateful for the experience of pregnancy

I am also SO grateful that this far along in my pregnancy my wedding ring still fits me! That may not last much longer, and cel la vie if that is the case. But for now I can still wear it and I am so happy! I am grateful for swollen feet, but not hands!

One last thing: I am also grateful for CHOCOLATE ALMOND BUTTER SPREAD! Oh my word! If you have not tried this you need to run, RUN I TELL U, to the store and get some. For breakfast I had a banana and chocolate almond butter sandwich and it was devine!

Tell me kittens, what are YOU thankful for this week?

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  1. Hey Kami it's Morgan..........duh I'm thankful for you! But also for the opportunities I've had that have kept me driven to stay productive and goal oriented. :)

  2. Oh MorGoGo! I am thankful for you too my darling il bro xoxo

  3. Aww I love your belly!! Hope the pregnancy is going wonderfully!! I tagged you in the Handwriting Game... ( Hope you join in on the fun!!
    xoxo Ashley

  4. Lots of gorgeous things to be grateful for! Thanks for letting me have a peek into your world. Hope your weekend is super fun xo

  5. You are looking AWESOME and I am so glad that you have many people spoiling you rotten during pregnancy. That's exactly the way it should be. I believe that the more a pregnant woman is nurtured, the better she feels after the birth. This statement is based entirely on scientific fact, of course it is... x

  6. how wonderful that your wedding ring still fits you...chocolate almond butter spread...ahh where do you get such a thing? I HAVE never seen it! it sounds wonderful though!

  7. Brilliant, love you Dad!

    You look very beautiful with your bump.

    Visiting from reasons to be cheerful.

    Mich x

  8. I am also grateful to all of you who took the time to leave such sweet comments! xo