Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Items in the Shop!!!!

Thanks to Indie Business 3.0 I have been a busy busy bee! I have been working really hard lately to expand and improve on my line of products....and I am happy to share some photo updates with you all! I would LOVE to hear what you think, and don't forget 20% of all sales this month will be donated to The Red Cross to aid Japan as it recovers from the recent devastation.

Quilted bibs! Made with highly absorbent cotton, lightweight fleece and quilting fill these bibs are good for messy eaters or heavy droolers. I am hoping kids will love that they can have a Bam-Bambi stuffie, AND a Bam-Bambi bib. Make meal time fun!

New hair pins! This is a one of a kind set, called the School Yard mix. Adorable pencil crayon and buttons that will add just the right amount of cute to any outfit, young or old!

I am also thrilled to announce that Bam-Bambi's plushies are back in the shop! These are my favorites, so super cuddly, well constructed and each one slightly different. Special edition ones will also be released just in time for Easter!


  1. Those quilted bibs are very sweet! I especially like the red and white one. One of my favourite colour combinations.

  2. Very cute!! Really like the hair pin.

  3. those Bam-Bambi plushies are the cutest!!! The white is my fave.