Monday, March 7, 2011

Motherhood Monday:

Oh the third trimester, it brings with it all sorts of new increased heartburn, lower back pain, the return of the first trimester fatigue....and ugh, stretch marks. Joy.

Oi vey the heart burn. There is nothing worse then being STARVING, eating an epic meal...and then paying for it for hours afterwards with that God awful burning feeling. BLECH! Yes there is tums, and drinking plenty of water, and maaaaaaybe not eating quite as many cupcakes....or drinking orange juice....but I tell yah, there are days where a piece of celery will give me heartburn! There is a plus side to all this indigestion though, it really gets the bug squirming. The louder my gut rumbles the more the bug kicks and flips. I swear the bug is in there, hearing all of this acid gurgling and flipping around looking for the source:

"Hello? Hellllooooo? HELLO?!Is there anybody in here? WTF mom! What did you eat?"

Back pain, it sucks but is an inevitable part of your belly expanding at an alarming rate. I no longer fit lying down side by side on the couch, much to my husbands dismay. We LOVE to spoon on the couch and watch our favorite shows after eating a yummy dinner. But now its kind of like an elephant trying to sit on a bar stool: its just awkward and uncomfortable and slightly scary looking. And again, enter the heartburn = awkward burping elephant. Not fun.

The fatigue is slowly starting to return, but its still not as bad as the first trimester was, not even close! I just have to take a lot more breaks, make time for naps, and put my feet up after a long day of running be honest, its not all that bad. Ill admit it. The diva in me is loving that I HAVE to take breaks. Breaks that involve lots of pillows, putting my feet up, and a snack. Yah, not so bad at all.

Oh yah and pillows, that is the other thing. When you hit this point of pregnancy suddenly every single pillow in your entire house is on your bed.

Akkkk and the stretch mark. As in one. Its there, I found it. I know, no big deal Kami, its just one but I still hate it all the same. As you can see its not on my belly. It's on the lower underside of my right boob. not a big deal, a few here and there is to be expected I guess...BUT that didn't stop me from slathering on 5 million layers of belly cream as a caution. I like my boobs! Oh yah, and they are bigger. I have already gone up a cup size, but now with the bug squishing things up and into my throat, its causing my rib cage to expand. Time to go shopping again, sadly sexy maternity bra's are hard to find. Any tips?

Yet despite all of the above...being pregnant is still awesome. My current fave thing? LAUGHING! The bigger my belly gets, the bigger my laugh gets. I have always been a good chuckler, love to laugh. But now? I really laugh, deep, from my belly. I laugh so hard my belly starts shaking, and soon my whole body gets shaking...which just gets me laughing all the more. People without a belly, haven't had a true belly's the best! And this is what gave me the best belly laugh this week....the end is the best part!


  1. "But now its kind of like an elephant trying to sit on a bar stool: its just awkward and uncomfortable and slightly scary looking."

    This is cracking me up right now...


    All This is Grace and Charm

  2. Your baby belly is just so cute! And you're in the home stretch now, woohoo!

  3. such a cute preggo!
    & this clip never gets old for me! I was so reluctant to go see this movie... the BF dragged me & I was so glad that he did.

  4. Dropping by from Mingle Monday. Congrats on your little one. I love that you are embracing pregnancy and loving it.

  5. Very cute!
    Good luck - it's coming soon, eh?

    I LOVE that movie; tears and laughter.

  6. Literally love that clip! IT'S SO FLUFFY.

    Hey I stopped by LCD designs to enter your contest. :D

    Awesome times

    Kim Hutton

  7. I found your blog while hopping around...Love it!!

    I know what you mean about sexy maternity bras...But I found one... and fell in love with it. We used to live in Nova Scotia so it was quite close to our house, but they do ship. I loved shopping there when I was pregnant! Here is the website...

    Have a great weekend =)