Monday, February 28, 2011

Motherhood Mondays: 26 Weeks

Wowza folks!! I am 6 months already and I can't believe how quickly that arrived. Other then some achey hips that wake me up, I am feeling pretty good these days. I am madly in love with my body. I love my round belly, my generous curves, everything. It is a miracle and I get to watch it unfold before my eyes a little bit more, every single day. When I was younger I was very into Goddess cultures from around the world, and as my body grows and changes I feel myself reconnecting to that part of my life even more. Women's bodies are amazing, life giving, machines. As the days get longer, and the birds return, the flowers emerge, and the grass gets green once more, my body will be ripening and blossoming as well. How beautiful and symbiotic is that?
Ryan and I  recently went to "BirthFest" an annual pregnancy and newborn fair that happens here in Vancouver. It is a 'baby fair' minus all of the toxic products and baby gimmick products, and it is heaven for a health conscious prego like me! It was such an awesome day! We first stopped in at Uprising Bakery for fresh made organic blueberry cinnamon roles and hot tea. D-LISH! With warm sugary bellies we walked through the snow, excited to go to our first "baby event".

Id like to share some awesome products that I bought. The first two are from the Mama Goddess Birth Shop, a GREAT resource for mama's to-be with online stores in the US and Canada:

Calming Mama Bath Salts, I plan on relaxing in a warm bath with these tonight! It's a blend of rock salt, calendula petals, rose petals, lavender buds, lavender oil and rose geranium oil. It smells DEVINE!
Growing Belly Tea is a blend of nettle, raspberry leaf, alfalfa, peppermint and partridge berry tea, great for pregos as they enter their third trimester. Red raspberry leaf is a uterine tonic and helps tone and strengthen the uterine walls in preparation for childbirth (it can help with menstrual cramps and miscarriage recovery as well). Nettle is FULL of essential minerals and vitamins a, c, and e. This tea may sound like a bushel of grass, but with just a smidge of honey it is really very tasty and relaxing.My lovely Doula and BFF Corrina got me on to both Raspberry Leaf and Nettle teas.

And I also got an AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE! I am so glad I found one made locally and saved myself shipping and duty charges! Hooray! Amber apparently is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory that can help babies through the pain of teething, its been used by European mommies for centuries. I first heard about these over on Rachel Denbow's blog Smile and Wave, she swears by them and I am so happy to have found one! I'll let you know if it works.

That's about all for this week folks, peace, love and pickles!

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  1. I am 37 weeks today! Third trimester has been a breeze! Hope it's smooth sailing for you :) I'm pretty jealous of your belly.....I've barely gained any weight (so sick in the beginning, i lost) We had an ultrasound to make sure he's growing and he's 6 1/2 already!

  2. 37 weeks, weeeee! You are almost there so exciting! Glad to hear your bub is doing well despite the weight loss, isn't it amazing how babes will take what they need to thrive???

  3. You make a cute mama -to- be!
    glad you are loving yourself pregnant! goof for you!

    that teething necklace sounds awesome! I'll have to mention it my preggo friend!

  4. Awe you are the cutest pregnant lady!! Love your cardi! and love your blog!