Monday, February 21, 2011

Motherhood Mondays: 25 Weeks

Well who am I kidding, I don't really care! But for cereal folks...leopard print stretched out over a 25 week prego tummy...its pretty damn funny! I have been trying to have a lot more fun with my outfits lately, just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I can't be stylish! On this particular day I went for what I call a "lazy pin-up look": leopard print top + mini cardigan + cherry necklace = cuuuuutte! Sadly it is still February. In Canada. In other worlds it was way to f'ng cold for this outfit for the trip we had planned! But that didnt stop me form getting the hubz to snap a couple photos.

The bug is now VERY active and has a lil routine of waking me up every morning with the same kicks in the same spot. Its pretty funny really. As the bugs movements increase I feel more connected to this growing being in my belly. And with that comes some fear to be honest.

I want these weekly posts to be real, raw, and honest. No sugar coating here folks. Dont get me wrong I LOVE being pregnant, and I LOVE my bug. But...this is the end of JUST RYAN AND I! It will never again be just the two of us. And sometimes that thought overwhelms me. So much will change! Gone will be so many freedoms that I once took for granted. Sometimes I think of this and I get a little sad. Sad that my greedy me time with Ryan is coming to an end. I just want to hog him all to myself! And eat him allllll up! But, soon he will be a father. And I will be a mother. And there will forever be a little us in our lives.

This is a catclysmic life style shift folks! I may be married, but honestly up until recently I lived life like a single gal. I mean I am the girl who can toss down jagger bombs with the best of them. Who has been known to get thrown out of more then a couple Vancouver bars (I swear it wasn't my fault!), who once dragged a group of Australian tourists into a peep show, just for the fun of it. Who throws crazy costumed themed house parties where I drink champage and wear absolutely RIDICULOUS outifits, like this lil gem:
Ahem, for the record it was a Sex and the City themed party. I was Samantha, and yes that is a patent shiny gold swimsuit...and it took me WAY to long to get that bottle of champagne open. Ahem, anyways, its just a big BIG change. And sometimes it really makes my head spin.

But then I see images like this, and my heart just melts, 
and I know I am ready to make the change.

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  1. What an absolutely lovely post.

    I had all the same feelings that you're getting, it's natural. Parenthood is a huge change...but you know what, I wouldn't change it for the world. My daughter will be 2 in a few weeks.

    Btw, that Samantha outfit is amazing - what a great photo! Love it.