Monday, February 7, 2011

Motherhood Mondays: 23 Weeks Pregnant

Finally! I have finally gotten that supposed "burst" of energy I was to get in my second trimester....gee thanks. I get it for a a few weeks and then whammy! Third trimester hits, I am naively hoping this means it will be smooth sailing here on out? LOL, I doubt that! Most mom's I have spoken with have said that the third trimester is very challenging. We will see! But I am grateful for this increase in energy as I am able to get so much work done on both my blog and my Etsy shop. I have been crafting away, creating new weekly blog posts and even started organizing the bugs room (well corner of our office). Here are some pictures of what I have been up to:
Set up a comfy rocking chair by the bugs crib for late night breastfeeding sessions and cuddles. Isn't that the raddest granny blanket you ever did see? Love the colors and it is super soft

I have been going for lots of nature walks/hikes with my Aunt lately, taking pictures as we go

And I have created a new line of stuffies for the SPRING! I call them "Foxy Ladies" and I think they are pretty darn cute, don't you?

Other then that I still have a flying ninja in my belly and the dreaded pregnancy leg cramps have started up. Time for some magnesium! Ryan is currently away in Spain and I miss him something fierce, but every time the bug kicks I am reminded I'm not alone and feel comforted.

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